Ventajas Y Desventajas Honda Crv 2008


Honda | One was born in Guadalajara. The other, in Saltillo. The first comes from a demure Japanese family. The second, finds its origins in the north of the United States, more precisely in Detroit. As in the book of Guadalupe Loaeza, these Mexicans frequent high society and compete for the first place in popularity. One was born in Guadalajara. The other, in Saltillo. The first comes from a demure Japanese family. The second, finds its origins in the north of the United States, more precisely in Detroit.

Ventajas Y Desventajas Honda Crv 2008


With more time in Mexican society, the Honda CR-V is preferred, but the northern Captiva, with its more sporty elegance and youthful spirit, wants to grow to reach the top that already has the first. It is a tough fight, where it will win the one that convinces more people of their attributes, which here, as “paparazzi”, we are ready to expose.

It is a tough segment of compact SUVs, which now, by fashion, some want to label as “crossover.” It has the highest growth in the industry not only in Mexico, but also in the United States that in these times of expensive gasoline, are fleeing from their usual large vehicles with thirsty engines.

In Mexico, the current generation of the Honda CR-V, which debuted just over two years ago, caused fury. So much that it was immediately catapulted to the leadership in sales that maintains until now.

The design of the CR-V proved to be more fortunate than previously thought. Her double asymmetrical front grill caused controversy in her presentation, but as we said, people hugged her like a loved one.

There are many reasons to love the CR-V. One of them is his strong presence, without being aggressive. Another, its extremely well designed interior, with much more abundant space than one would think when looking at it from the outside, but without exaggerating a single millimeter. The steering position is correct and very high. Even with sunroof, we do not leave the feeling of confinement of others. The glazed area is large, leaving excellent visibility in all directions. The low waist line, emphasizes the sense of command we have to be in it.

The finished ones have the level of excellence that we get used to seeing and enjoying in Honda products and the level of equipment is correct, without passing a bit in the direction of abundance.

Its engine train is the best of the segment and this is valued today more than at its launch, when it was considered a little timid. The engine is four-cylinder, with 166 horsepower, aided by a five-speed automatic transmission. This, coupled with a controlled weight like that of an Oriental girl, gives an excellent mix of consumption and performance, which Captiva just can not follow.

However, his rival is difficult. La Captiva, the latest of Chevrolet’s compact SUVs, has one of its strongest weapons in its exterior design. And love the son of sight, we already know. Inside, there is also a lot of amplitude and some finishes that if they do not come as close to perfection as the CR-V, they are quite well and put it light years of their American rivals.
The steering position is also very good, but it would be better if the steering wheel was also adjusted in depth. Visibility is not as generous as it is in Japan. This is due not only to the fact that the pillar A (the one that holds the windshield) is too thick, also because the waist line is very high and the crystals somewhat small.

To compare it with the CRV-V, we take the four-cylinder version, which equates engines in an almost accurate way. The Captiva has a four-cylinder engine, also with 2.4 liters and three horsepower more than the Honda, to reach 169.

Ventajas Y Desventajas Honda Crv 2008

However, it uses a four-speed gearbox, and if we compare against the most equipped version of the CR-V, which we tested, weigh 1.4 kilograms more. If we put it against the basic version of the CR-V, to find a balance between prices, the difference rises to 180 kilograms more. That extra weight detracts from performance. La Captiva needed 15.6 seconds to reach 100 km / h in the height of Guadalajara, that is, at 1,560 meters above sea level. With the Honda I only had to wait 12.3 seconds to do the same. At the time of braking, the Captiva stopped a meter before from 100 km / h, when the Honda needed 44 meters to do it. Honda still needs to improve its brakes. Ventajas Y Desventajas Honda Crv 2008

In terms of fuel economy, one point was expected in favor of the Japanese, which marked 10.3 kilometers per liter in mixed consumption, when Captiva surprised us with a very good 9.2 km / l, which is not as good as its rival , But for its weight and its box of four speeds, we found it excellent.