Honda Crv 2008 Dashboard Warning Lights


Control panel caution lights, do you understand exactly what it implies when they light up? Auto manufacturers make use of cautioning light icons to explain just what system is being used or exactly what system has a breakdown. Even if a control panel warning light is lit up does not imply there is a problem in that system, occasionally it part of a regular check.

All the warning light need to illuminate when the ignition trick wases initially switched on, this is called a bulb check, if there is a problem with any one of the lights, another system will inform you that there is a light bulb problem in the instrument panel.

Honda Crv 2008 Dashboard Warning Lights

Warning Light Information

The very best source for this information would be in the proprietors handbook, however since your right here, you most likely do not have one and that’s why I developed this completely awesome control panel warning light map, so you can quickly determine just what all these crazy lights indicate.

I actually don’t know how the makes come up with these symbols because several of the symbols are blatantly horrible similarities of the real system, however I’m not on the board of directors so I don’t have much say in the issue, I’m here to just assist you analyze which lights do what as well as why.

So allow’s have a look at the image above, I enthusiastically numbered every one so I might provide an explanation of each one the control panel caution lights.

The oil light is very simple, if the light is on, your possibly short on oil and also if you do not put some in soon, your engine will certainly be junk. If it’s blinking, it’s advising you the oil is getting low, so stop as well as put some in or have your oil transformed.
The check engine light, it truly looks like an engine, yet only if you understand just what an engine resembles outside of your automobiles engine compartment. If it gets on, it implies you have a DTC or analysis trouble code. So take out your code viewers as well as learn what Automobile Computer system Code is saved, after that repair it or have it dealt with.
The light that looks like a battery really has nothing to do with the battery, well, possibly a little. If the battery warning light begins, there are a few possible reasons, the generator, the voltage regulatory authority, or one more element used to regulate voltage in the electric system. Have it examined fast, your battery might be over billing or under charging, and both might leave you stranded.
The wrench, your car is due for maintenance, you recognize what to do, right?
Grip control light will certainly blink if the tires shed grip from the roadway like on snow or sand then go out. If there is a trouble in the system, it will remain lit up until it’s taken care of.
TPMS or tire stress monitoring system is made to alert you of low atmospheric pressure in your tires. If this warning light gets on, there is a problem with the system, not low air pressure in a tire. The light will light up if a sensor was damaged as a result of tire replacement, sensing unit battery failing or TPMS control system failing.
Low tire stress alerting light, is just that, it’s alerting you that a person or more of your tires has low air pressure and also need to be checked asap. Driving on tires with low air pressure for an extended period of time can trigger a tire to blowout.

Honda Crv 2008 Dashboard Warning Lights

Lorry steady help, this is to caution you that the system has actually been switched off by the switch or if there is an issue with the system.
Variable torque administration system is made use of on full time all wheel drive vehicles like the Honda Pilot, CRV, Ridgeline, etc. This system alerts you the tires are rotating at different speeds as if you were on ice, the automobile will certainly utilize the ABDOMINAL system to decrease the wheels that are rotating and reroute power to the wheels that have grip.
AT temperature, or automatic transmission temperature, this caution light will light up if the transmission is overheating, this typically will take place while lugging something heavy without the best sort of transmission cooler.