Honda Crv 2004 Lower Ball Joint


Raise and also securely support the vehicle. Place a suitable jack under the reduced control arm as well as raise the arm up 2 inches (50mm). Very carefully comprehend the upper and also lower portion of the front tires and also effort to rock backward and forward. If looseness is felt at the reduced section of the tire continue as follows:
Making use of an appropriate prytool pry between the steering knuckle as well as the lower control arm.
If looseness is present, on CRV and 4-cylinder Odyssey designs, replace the lower joint. On V6 Odyssey versions, change the lower control arm setting up.

Honda Crv 2004 Lower Ball Joint


On V6 Odyssey models, the reduced sphere joints can not be replaced individually. If the ball joints become worn or damaged, the reduced control arm setting up must be changed.

CRV and also 4-Cylinder Odyssey versions

This procedure is performed after the removal of the guiding knuckle and needs the use of unique press devices. On top of that a big tough vise is required. After replacement of the sphere joint, the round joint preserving clip is installed into the boot making use of Clip Guide Tool No. 07974-SA50700 or 07GAG-SD40700 or their matchings.

Eliminate the brake caliper, as well as brake rotor from the steering knuckle setting up. To learn more, refer to Brakes of this repair work guide.
Remove the guiding knuckle assembly from the car, as outlined later in this section.
Tear off the ball joint boot snapring as well as get rid of the boot.
Examine the boot problem as well as replace if damaged or weakened.
Set up the ball joint removal/installer Device No. 07HAF-SF101110 around the sphere joint spindle with the big end encountering out. Set up as well as tighten up the round joint castle nut to hold the device ready.
Setting the knuckle with the mounted device right into an appropriate vise, with the sphere joint elimination base Tool No. 07HAF-SF10130 set up over the ball joint base.
Tighten the vise to push the ball joint from the guiding knuckle.

To set up:
Position the new round joint right into the hole of the steering knuckle.
Mount the sphere joint removal/installer Tool No. 07HAF-SF101110 on the sphere joint spindle side of the guiding knuckle the small end encountering out.
Placement the installment base Device No. 07HAF-SF10120 on the sphere joint base as well as set the assembly in a large vise. Tighten up the vise to push the sphere joint right into the steering knuckle.
Load the inside of the ball joint boot with grease.

Honda Crv 2004 Lower Ball Joint

Readjust the boot clip guide tool with its changing screw up until the end of the tool straightens with the groove on the boot. Move the clip over the set up into the boot making use of the clip overview Device No. 07974-SA50700 or 07GAG-SD40700 or their comparable as well as into placement on the sphere joint boot and seat the ball joint boot snapring in the groove of the sphere joint.