Honda CR-V 2006 interior lights not working

dome light cr-v 2017

Honda CR-V 2006 interior lights not working. There are some problem that you could find with your old CR-V. In some cases, the interior light do no come on when the doores are opened. When the bulb is in manual on/off it is work fine, and it will failed if it’s set to door mode. However , the tail gate works fine, the bulb is oke and the main fuse box is in good condition.

These are some answer to your problem with your Honda CR-V.

  1. Please check the door switch. There is might be a little damage caused by the seatbelt buckle.
  2. Please check the wire. Wire might be dispaced or there is a broken switch wire, as you know, wire switch provides a connection when door is opened, and if I said doors, it doesn’t mean the driver door only, but also the other front doors.
  3. Check the bulb wire. It might be burned wire inside it or there is not enough voltage. Just check the wire in the your CR-V roof. Once again, burned or overheated wire because a really hot day will make wire on your roof get broken.

It is all about electrical actually. To make it simple, just take your CR-V to the nearest service centre and just ask the electrical mechanic to do their job and your problem solved without causing other problem.