Honda Civic Wonder Sport 2 Doors


Review Specs and Price Honda Civic Sedan SB Wonder – Wonder Sedan is the third offspring of all families Honda Civic worldwide. First introduced in 1984 with two types, namely sedan and hatchback. The sedan version is more widely known for blockbuster sales, more spacious interior and trunk. While Wonder Civic Hatchback at that time was less favored, but became the target for collectors today because the contour body unique and rare unit.

Wonder Civic sold in Indonesia for four years until 1987. After it was replaced by the Honda Grand Civic. This car only comes with one type on each model, in contrast to his successor has two types in each model, the Civic LX and Grand Civic sedan for the model and the type Nouva and Grand Nouva for 2-door hatchback models. In the local market, Civic Wonder competing with the strong competitor when it is the Toyota Corolla and Mitsubishi Lancer GL SL.

Honda Civic Wonder Sport 2 Doors

The exterior of the Honda Civic Sedan Wonder
Wonder Civic equipped with exterior forefront of its time. Style mengkotak accordance with the flow of the current style but slightly more modern when compared to its rivals. Until now, this car has a nomination last price and the higher of the ’80s.

On the front facia, Civic Wonder using trapezoidal headlamp ending in sharp corners. In the bottom right part of the bumper has been supplemented by a pair of turn signal lights are very useful when the turn signal on the headlamp is not functioning properly. At the bottom of the front bumper is filled by the middle of the air intake hole. Pointless as containment air into the radiator so that the process of cooling the engine running optimally. While on the back, using a Honda sedan pride flat lights on the left and right as well as equipped with a garnish reads Civic in the middle.

Not only on the exterior, the interior can also be said to be the best in his time. Cooling the cabin can work optimally thanks to the AC grid positions which are placed on top of the dashboard. In front of the grid there are two parts of the laying of the goods or often referred to as burgertray. But if you put too much stuff here will disrupt the circulation of the air conditioner because grilles become blocked.

On the left rather in front of the passenger seat is also equipped with a drawer that serves to store important papers during the trip. With so letters are confidential or wallet you can store safely. Overall, the design of the dashboard looks classic but interesting. Look at the shape of the driver’s instrument cluster plus 3 spoke steering wheel which is completely different from the steering wheel today. All glass can only be controlled by spin lever / crank, except at the highest year (1987) because it has been equipped with power windows factory defaults.

Performance and Performance Engineering Wonder Honda Civic Sedan
Unlike the 2 door hatchback version that carries a 1.3-liter carburetor engine, this sedan version look better because it carries the carburetor engine capacity of 1.5 liters that are able to create power up to 76 HP at 5,500 rpm and peak torque of 114 Nm at 3500 RPM. This D15A1 berkodekan engine configuration using inline 4-cylinder 12 valve SOHC. Although relatively small, but the power and torque, including steady during the first raised to the Indonesian public.

Impressions and Handling Wonder Honda Civic Sedan
Wonder Civic has an impressive handling on the size sedan 80s. Unfortunately the power steering option is not present until the final output, so a bit troublesome for those not used. Forget also still somewhat above average thanks to the use of a double wishbone suspension at the front and rear are equipped with torsion bars at all points of the wheels. The presence of torsion rod has a plus because of the low and high range cars at ground level can be set manually.

Price Honda Civic Sedan Wonder

Based on the observation that observed at the site of car sales in general, this car is in the price range of 18-27 million. Some units could break the 30 million once restored to normal. Quite expensive when compared to its competitors. But make sure you choose the car is based on the treatment of the previous owner, not just the views of the year. In addition to age which can no longer be said to be younger, less maintenance, especially on the engine and legs would seize the contents of your wallet to tens of millions within the short term.

Excess Wonder Honda Civic Sedan

Powerful engines.
The best acceleration in the era.
Quite comfortable.
Easy maintenance.
Cheap and abundant spare parts.
Interior and exterior design still looks attractive.
Very economical.

Honda Civic Sedan shortage Wonder

Susceptible to corrosion.
Penggereman system is less good.
Minimal electrical.
Some interior parts already scarce