Honda Accord 2016 Costumer Review

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Honda Accord 2016 Costumer Review. Are you looking for more information about Honda Accord 2016 customer review? Take a good look at the review below and learn whether you must include Honda Accord 2016 on the list or not. The Accord has become a favorite choice among many customers for a number of reasons and you can see why by reading the review below.

Honda Accord 2016 Costumer Review – Best Selling Cars of All Time

  • Design

Let’s take a closer look at the design first. Many customers have said that the design is  great. Honda Accord 2016 has a very attractive design which makes it a great choice for  those who want to buy a luxury car. Some customers even said that the car looks like a  luxury sedan than a Honda. It is pretty interesting, isn’t it? Don’t forget to pay more  attention to the interior design. It has been designed to fit your taste, giving an elegant  look for the car. Thanks to its interior design, it looks like a much more expensive car.

  • More Space to Add Comfort

Having a car that is comfortable is a must and Honda Accord 2016 has included this  aspect too. Many have said about its interior and they don’t have any negative reviews  when discussing about the interior. Compared to other cars, it is possible that Accord is  the most spacious car in its category. Take a good look at the front bucket seats and you  will be surprised how they comfortable they are.

  • Reliability and Excellent Features

If you have tried other European car brands, you may notice a huge difference. Many  customers who have purchased the car said that the car has lots of excellent features.  Thanks to its reliability, Honda Accord provides a great ride for those wanting more than  just a regular vehicle.

  • A More Powerful Engine

Of course, designs should be considered first when buying a car but looking for more info  about its engine is also important. Using a 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine, this car is able to  deliver 185 horsepower which can be considered as an improvement compared to its  previous models.

  • More Safety Features

When choosing a car, safety should be considered too. Talking about the Honda Accord 2016 customer review is not complete without mentioning the safety features. Most customers love the addition  of some new features including some standard safety features such as stability and  traction control, antilock disc brakes, side curtain air bags, and a rearview camera.


With some updates such as the materials for the interior which add a more elegant look, we can say that Honda Accord 2016 has everything that buyers need if they want a luxury sedan which fits with their tight budget. For those who need some entertainment features, they can expect a better choice such as the addition of effective audio controls. Don’t forget about the availability of a new technology interface such as Android Auto Smartphone Integration and Apple CarPlay. Based on this Honda Accord 2016 customer review, we do believe that Accord deserves to receive more attention for buyers looking for the perfect family sedan available out there.